Monday, November 4, 2013

DAY 106 - Monday November 4th


Info: Well all, I want to say a big thank you, we have reached 5,000 views!!! The contest is closed for Well Fed, but I hear there is a Well Fed 2 out, and that might possibly be given away right here on the Whole360 blog as well....hmmmm. Anyway I will randomly pick one of the entrants and announce it tomorrow morning, keep an eye on your mail box, you may have won one KICK BUTT cookbook!!! Oh yeah almost forgot, tomorrow someone wins Well Fed, and tomorrow COD: Ghosts drops...yep I'm a nerd, but hey that game looks awesome! Who else is going to be useless at work on Wed??? I know I will be! LOL

Find out who the winner is tomorrow (11/5/13) morning!

Food Log: 


Breakfast: Carne asada (marinated with lime, Olive oil, chili powder, salt, and garlic) iceberg salad with kalamata olives, OOM dressing and hot sauce

Lunch: Carne asada, romaine salad with kalamata olives, OOM dressing and hot sauce
Dinner:  The best chicken you will ever eat (See Well Fed for recipe), paleo slaw

Snack: none

Exercise log: None


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