Tuesday, August 18, 2015

IW360 - Day 33  Friday  Aug 7th

Info: Miss me? Yeah probably not, but I'll pretend you did! Now that I am back from my travels lets get this caught up. For the sake of saving time I am not going to list all the food I ate until I get this caught back up, but I will let you know if I was Whole360 compliant or not in the food log area. I have notes on everything I ate (I forget if I don't write it down) but its a lot of stuff and really not that important.

Made it to Quincy last night, and today wanted to head out to the range and check out all the stages and to rub elbows with all the Pro shooters. I'm not a start struck type of person, but I got to see most of the pros that you see on TV shows etc and it was pretty cool. I kind of stalker/tagged along with them to check out their stage plans (USPSA shooting in a nut shell is - you are presented with a problem (stage) and you have to solve it the fastest and most accurate way possible, but you use pistols) After a good 3-4 hours I was #1 SOAKED (its so humid in IL) and #2 felt decent about the stages and what I was going to do. So after a quick trip to the hotel to rinse off with clean wet, I got dressed and went back outside for some more sweating and to check out Quincy a bit. Quincy has a pretty rich history (Abe Lincoln had a presidential campaign office there!) so there was some cool stuff to check out.

This guy has an interesting story, a true hero IMO, Check out the story HERE

One of the bridges over the Mississippi

Food Log:

Whole 360 Compliant (yay!)


Total Hotel workout

25 crunches x 3 sets
50 body weight squats x 3 sets


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