Tuesday, August 4, 2015

IW360 - Day 27 Saturday Aug 1st

Info: Approaching a month and I have abused my cheat days and I can tell. Gains and losses are not where I want them to be, but I have a plan. Call it crazy but like I have said in the past I like to get the cheat days out of the way early so I have no choice! I have 2 cheat and lazy days left, after this month they will be gone - then what? That's when the the magic starts to happen! Stay tuned!

Dear grass fed cow, thank you so much!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Banana and a handful of almonds

Lunch: Beef jerky - was out on the range all afternoon so skipped the veggies

Dinner:  Grass fed steak and green beans
Snack:  none


Ran/walked well over 5 miles getting some much needed practice in before USPSA Nationals next week! Also played hockey at night....talk about hot, strap on 40 lbs of gear and face some high level shooters....yikes!


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