Friday, August 7, 2015

IW360 - Day 31  Wednesday Aug 5th

Info: Running around like crazy getting ready to head out tomorrow, BUT I did have time to make some Pickled Eggs!! I also found out that a Paleo Recipe I submitted to Paleo Magazine is going to be featured in their readers choice cookbook that's coming out later this year!! It's going to be available nationally so that's pretty cook news for Whole360! The recipe I submitted will be available in the recipe section in the next few weeks.

I cannot WAIT until these are ready!

Food Log:

Breakfast:  Hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Salad with sugar free bacon, kalamata and black olives. Hot sauce for dressing

Dinner:  Paleo Tacos with grass fed beef, romaine lettuce, red onion and black olives
Snack:  none


21-15-9 reps of

75lb Thrusters
25lb bicep curls (each arm)
75lb trap raises


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