Friday, August 7, 2015

IW360 - Day 32  Thursday  Aug 6th

Info: Travel day! What can I say, this trip started out great...Bought a Super Shuttle to the airport, and a Black Escalade showed up instead. Win #1. Get to the airport and wrangle all my bags to check in, get through security fast and make it to the gate, where some stranger comes up and asks to sit down. We chat about where we are traveling and hes not an anti gunner so its a cool conversation.  Then he drops the "Is Christ in your life?" bit and I decide to oblige him (I was baptized Catholic, attend church when I'm forced to, but believe in God) and he's actually OK with that. Then he asks permission to lead me in a prayer and I was like heck why not? SO he prays for my family and for me to have a strong performance at Nationals and a safe flight. Win #2. Time to board the plane...I'm towards the last to get on, plane is crammed full and then like a bright awesome pot of gold an entire row is empty. Win #3. Fly in to St Louis where I am renting a car, except you have to shuttle to get to the cars and baggage is taking FOREVER....finally get my bags, haul out to the shuttle area and just as the Alamo shuttle is about to bail she just stops and waits a second and opens the door. Gives me the extra 2-3 minutes to crank over there and hop on. Win #4. Get to the rental joint and its fast, I'm in and out in 5 minutes. Head out to the lot and the attendant is like "Sorry we are out of midsized cars" and then he looks at me and says "Pick whatever you want, we've got full sized cars, SUV's and a few Luxury SUV's if you want" I kinda looked at him like whaaaaa? I picked a Dodge Charger cause I didn't want to be greedy and ruffle my good luck! Win #5. I drive the 2 hours to my hotel in Quincy IL and check in is super fast there too, I cannot believe my good fortune so far Win #6. Head to dinner to meet up with a friend and get to meet one of the guys that was on season one of the TV show Top Shot. Dude is super cool and we geek out and talk computer stuff and eat dinner. Win #7. At this point I head back to the hotel to crash.....I don't want to mess up a nearly perfect day. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

It's almost time!!!

Food Log:

Breakfast:  Leftover Paleo tacos with grass fed beef
Lunch: Handful of almonds, didn't want to eat airport food and didn't have room to pack any

Dinner:  Brisket and sausage with a giant side salad
Snack:  none


Total Hotel workout

25 x 3 sets of pushups
25 x 3 sets body weight squats


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