Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 242 - Thursday March 20th

Info: Ok got some butchering, bulk cooking, and other stuff done today! Looked in the mirror to check on my ab progress, and 6 of them were starting to peek out...that's like a landmark world record for me LOL. If you haven't checked out the contest, make sure you do, $25 cash and a book are up for grabs! And it all revolves around you guessing what my current body fat % is!

Turned a $20 uncut loin in to $60 worth of roasts and loin chops!

Don't forget to enter to win $25 CASH, and a free book. Its simple and well, its free!  Click here to go to the entry page.All you have to do is guess my BF% and you could put some dough (gluten free of course) in your pocket!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Buffalo chicken thigh, cauliflower, broccoli, and kalamata olives

Lunch: Buffalo chicken thighs and broccoli. 14 almonds for fat.

Dinner:  Buffalo chicken salad with romaine, chicken thighs, OOM, hot sauce, and kalamata olives.

Snack: none

Exercise Log:  Dry fire practice.....this is getting intense now lol, hands are battered and bleeding!


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