Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 229 - Friday March 7th

Info: Got on the food makin' wagon this morning and got some essentials banged out. New Holland Pie in the fridge, as well as a new batch of Olive Oil Mayo. Came up with a list of groceries I need....this bill isn't going to be pretty...It's a full page and I am adding stuff as I come across it. I will say that is one nice thing about Holland pie; Whatever you have laying around goes perfectly in it, and helps keep your waste down. No more rotting veggies for me, they quickly find themselves in a Holland pie! Also have 6lbs of chicken thawing to make some various creations out of....can't wait!

Food Log:
The Holland "Brick" has arrived!

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, a few celery sticks, some left over cucumber, and 2 TBS of almond butter.

Lunch: Holland pie - this version has onion, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and cilantro. Total
damages to make this one (1) large onion, (1) head of celery, (1) head of cauliflower, (1) lb of broccoli, (1) large bunch of cilantro, and (24) eggs. (15 cups of veggies ended up in this bad boy!) It is more like a Holland "brick" but its packed with veggies and protein!

Dinner:  Mixed greens salad with red roasted pepper, sun dried tomato, onion, artichoke, avocado and blacken chicken breast. Pistachios for fat, and some dried organic apple chips.

Snack: none

Exercise Log: 50 pushups (I know it's not much, but I'm scared to get back in to CrossFit until my back stops hurting, and unfortunately I keep feeling twinges ALL the time) and stretching.


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