Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 230 - Saturday March 8th

Info: Today was an "easy" day as far as food goes, I ate Holland pie for every meal, cleaning up my basement and trying to make it in to a man den takes time, so it was fast an easy food. Heck half the time I didn't even heat the Holland Pie, I dabbed a TBS of OOM on it, habanero hot sauce, and wolfed it down cold!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice, and there is a USPSA shooting match close to home, guess what I'm gonna do!!! Excited, it's been a while since I shot a match! If there are any shooters in Boulder...USPSA every 2nd Sunday of the month...... And it's cool I've never been to this range, I like checking out new ranges!

Sounds like a nice place to shoot to me.....
Food Log:

Breakfast: Holland pie - this version has onion, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and cilantro. Total
damages to make this one (1) large onion, (1) head of celery, (1) head of cauliflower, (1) lb of broccoli, (1) large bunch of cilantro, and (24) eggs. (15 cups of veggies ended up in this bad boy!) It is more like a Holland "brick" but its packed with veggies and protein! Topped with a dab of OOM

Lunch: Holland Pie, with OOM, and some frozen blueberries

Dinner:  Holland Pie, with OOM and habanero salsa. 1TBS of Almond butter with 14 almonds mixed together for fat (its like crunchy almond butter!)

Snack: none

Exercise Log:  Was looking at a police fitness test and it said something about being able to do 26 pushups in a minute, and I predicted I could easily top that... turns out I can do 48 pushups in a minute. Look to revisit this one later so I can break 50 in a minute.


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