Thursday, September 17, 2015

IW360 - Day 70 Saturday Sept 12th

Got home from the Colorado State Championships and loaded up the camper last night and got ready to head up to Estes Park CO. Its Elk rut season and listening to the Elk bugle all night is AWESOME. Its funny that such a large animal makes such a high pitched squeal. Cant wait to get out next weekend and hopefully fill my freezer with wild Elk!

Video Credit: gregbalvin on youtube

Food Log:

Breakfast: Almonds and beef jerky

Lunch: Almonds, shredded beef and a few grapes

Dinner:Chicken breast, carrots and celery


Hiked up and down the side of a mountain, probably got ~2 miles of high elevation change hiking in. This sounds simple, but when you are around 8900ft above sea level, man do you suck wind!


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