Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 365 - Monday July 21st

Info: Well this was it! I made it year! Stayed strong on my last day....and then had a celebratory beer at 1am in my garage LOL! What a journey, I've changed my life around with this way of life for the better. I'm going to take one day off, and then I will be right back at it! I can't waste what I've accomplished so far! Stayed tuned for the Next360 starting Wednesday July 23rd!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Canino's sausage, carrot sticks and some black olives

Lunch: Found some Paleo compliant pork rinds so I had a few of those, it was way too hot to be hungry!

Dinner: Canned tunda, chopped up Clausen pickle and mustard mixed together, kind of like a makeshift tuna salad but I was out of OOM so I had to wing it!

Snack:  none
Exercise: none


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