Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 346 - Wednesday July 2nd

Info: had to go to the lovely DMV today to register our truck, went fast thank god but those trips are always a drag! on to less mundane stuff....I have been going fishing at night with a buddy, kind of scouting out places and just to get out and get some hiking/walking in. I have been skunked 3 nights in a row.....Enter my daughter Raegan. I took her last night with me because buddy couldn't go, and this lake by our house is familiar enough now I felt safe to bring her. We are shore fishing and casting away and my line gets an odd tangle at one of the eyelets on my pole. So as I'm fixing it Raegan is still casting away having a good old time when I hear her squeal "Daddy I think i have something!" I was thinking its probably a snag or something, but when I turned around her rod was zipping all over the place as she was hauling a nice sized bass on the shore! I almost killed myself running over to her across the rocks! Needless to say, it was a solid 12-14" fish! I have never seen her so excited, it was awesome! So this post is dedicated to that, Raegan's first fish, it was a dandy!!!

Sorry its blurry she was jumping up and down LOL

Her mom told her if you catch a fish you have to kiss it on the lips like my dad made me - it's a tradition!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Something I call a pan bake (watch for recipe) - 4 eggs, mushrooms, ground beef, and red onion.

Lunch: Canino's sausage, carrot and celery sticks dipped in guacamole

Dinner: Stir fry of steak, mushrooms and broccoli all cooked in home made clarified butter

Snack:  none

Exercise: ~2 miles worth of walking


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