Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 361 -Thursday July 17th

Info: I had the worst craving for burritos, but know I can't have them, so I fell back on some of my heritage and made something similar to a burrito, but totally Paleo complaint...Golobkis! For those of you that don't know what that is, they also go by "Pigs in a blanket", "cabbage rolls", and "golumpkis". Generally its sausage and ground beef with rice wrapped in a cabbage leaf and roasted in the oven. Obviously I had some work to do to Paleo it, but what i ended up with was glorious! I mixed ground beef, pork and some spices and then made cauliflower rice to sub in for the regular rice. Wrapped them all up and put them in a roasting pan. What happened next will is MIND BLOWING... (sorry had to, seems everything on the internet these days will blow your mind) I made a Paleo enchilada sauce and baked the Golobkis in that instead of the traditional tomato sauce. I hate tomatoes anyways so this was a mega win for me! these turned out great, and I know know that I can make a Paleo enchilada sauce that rivals regular enchilada sauce!

The only thing was making these from scratch took a lot of dishes......I DESTROYED my kitchen!

What have I done???
Food Log:
I made awesome, that's what I've done!

Breakfast: 3 egg scramble and some carrot stick

Lunch: 2 Golobkis with sauce

Dinner: 3 Golobkis with sauce

Snack:  none
Exercise: none


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