Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 360 -Wednesday July 16th

Info: Been doing a lot of thinking on what I want to achieve and whats to come over the next year. I've decided one of the things I want to make sure I do is not fall back in to my old ways. So the next year of the Whole360 project I will be following almost the same type of diet, but I will allow 1-2 "cheat" meals in a month if I am craving a particular something. Possibly not even cheat meals, but something like "Oh a piece of cheese on my burger sounds great" type thing. Oh yeah and I will be adding Sriracha back in to to my diet. I know it has sugar, but I LOVE Sriracha. And by love sriracha I mean I can tell you the first time I ever saw it, what I ate it on, and how long it was until I got some more...ready? Here it goes!

I was 13 and was at Pheasant Camp (That's what we called weekends during pheasant season in Michigan when I was growing up) and my dad had made eggs for breakfast in his Scotty camper (This is what we stayed in during Pheasant camp, on my grandma's property) someone had bought him this little bottle of hot sauce with a green cap and a rooster on it. I happened to give it a try and was instantly hooked! Problem was in Michigan at the time NO ONE sold it. I still don't know where that bottle had came from but it would be several years before I would see it again. Fast forward 6 years....I am living in Long Beach, CA and I walk in to a cheap Chinese restaurant and it was like an angel had landed on all the tables...giant bottles of the green capped rooster hot sauce everywhere!!!! I promptly stole a bottle since I wasn't sure if I would ever see it again! Later on I contacted the factory and bought a 24 bottle case that lasted a its everywhere and I couldn't be happier!

 I have found a couple of sugar free versions I may try, but nothing compares to Huy Fong's Sriracha!

You may be red and green, but you are an Angel for my mouth!!!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Leftover pork tenderloin scrambled with an egg

Lunch: Caninio's sausage and Paleo slaw

Dinner: Same as lunch, sausage and slaw

Snack:  none
Exercise: none


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