Thursday, September 19, 2013

DAY 59 - Wednesday  September 18th

Running out of bulk food again, I need to up the cook-age a little on the weekends so I can make it the whole week. Had to scramble for dinner tonight, and kind of toss something together. Worked out well, as I got several meals ready for me, but the people around me aren't going to be happy for a while....see pic below.

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Food Log:

Breakfast: Coco wrap burritos with romaine, seasoned ground beef, fresh jalapenos, black olives and copious amounts of hot sauce

Lunch: Coco wrap burritos with romaine, black olives, seasoned ground beef, and scrambled egg. (not my best creation, but had to make do with what I had laying around!)

That's a whole bunch of cabbage!
Dinner: Sausages.....and sausages and sauerkraut! (Sausages are found at Costco, and are completely sugar free, and gluten free, I was excited! And they are stuffed with red pepper and spinach!) Handful of raw cashews

Snack: none

Exercise log: 
16 Pushups, 150 squats, leg lift rest (day 17 of 30)


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