Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DAY 50- Monday September 9th

Info: Well today is day 50, which is by far the longest I've gone doing the Whole30 and I still feel good. Plan on really ramping up the workouts over the next few weeks. The 30 day thing I'm doing now is a good quick workout, but I feel I need to step it up a bit to take advantage of my clean eating.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Chicken breast, romaine lettuce, homemade apple bar for fat

Lunch: big salad with green and black olive, egg, ground beef, carrot, cabbage, and onion

Dinner:  Steak, broccoli, and some cumin infused OOM

Snack: none

Exercise log:  8 pushups, squat break, 60 leg lifts


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