Sunday, September 1, 2013

DAY 41 - Saturday August 31th

Info: Today was the 2nd "planned" cheat day of my 5 allowable for the year, and it started off that way. I didn't wake up until almost 11am! (I can never sleep in that long, I am usually awake and ready to go at 6-7am if I am not up earlier - an NO I am not a morning person!) So I missed breakfast....cardinal sin #1. Then we went grocery shoplifting (a joke my college roommate and I used to say) and I didn't really get to each lunch. (handful of almonds, and some apple chips)....cardinal sin #2 (can you see where this is headed?) Later in the day, my good friend was having a diaper/beer/BBQ for his and her baby shower. I went knowing I would likely have some drinks to celebrate with them, and enjoy the good food. Well I damn near enjoyed all the food/drinks/snacks until it fell off!...cardinal sin #3 for the day.......

Here is where I am at (and for me this is actually a good thing) I have 1 cheat day left. Yep that's it. One......for the rest of the year. I have no more freebies after that one is gone, which for me will increase my focus, and keep me on track. I know some of you are like yeah right, hes done, no way he will make it....PLEASE PLEASE tell me that in a mssg, comment or to my just fuels my fire further to succeed!

Food Log:

Breakfast: none

Lunch: handful of almonds, apple chips

Dinner: Smoked chicken leg, jalapeno's stuffed with cream cheese, and sausage, potato salad, potato chips, Doritos, cake, booze, sour cream dip, baked beans, and whatever else I could shovel in to my face.

Snack: Many Many Jack Daniel's (you Son of a B.......) and diet cokes


Exercise log: none


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