Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DAY 52 - Wednesday September 11th

Info:  Not much to be said for today, was an easy day eating wise, the workout program is starting to get a little challenging now, its nice! I did not make the gym like I had planned, I need to move my alarm, I shut it off and didn't even know I did it until almost 2 hours later!

And just a prayer for all the victims of September 11th on this 12th anniversary. My thoughts go out to all of the families affected by this.

Food Log:

Breakfast:Salmon cakes with Romaine salad, carrots, and OOM

Lunch: Salmon cakes with Romaine salad, carrots, and OOM, and homemade coconut bar

Dinner: Salmon cakes with romaine salad and radishes, Chicken breast with sauteed onion and garlic. Tablespoon of OOM


Snack: none

Exercise log:  10 pushups105 squats, 65 leg lifts


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