Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DAY 51 - Tuesday September 10th

Info:  I decided 2 weeks was too long to wait so I'm going back to the gym tomorrow. Why waste 2 weeks? I've got the motivation so may as well jump on it before I change my mind! And I can be 2 weeks further ahead if I just bite the bullet and get at it.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Tuna with cumin OOM, kosher dill relish and black olives on romaine lettuce, and apple bar


Lunch: Steak burritos with romaine, black olives and a boatload of habanero salsa, wrapped in coconut wrap.


MMMM Salmon cakes!

Dinner: Salmon cakes with romaine salad, black olives, cumin mayo, and franks red hot sauce


Snack: none


Exercise log:  9 pushups100 squats, leg lift rest


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