Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 270 - Thursday April 17th

Info:  Estim unit continues to work for me, all I can say is best eBay purchase evarrrr. Went out geocaching this afternoon to occupy the kids for a while, Raegan (9) is getting good at it, she found 2 out of the 3, and I was legitimately looking! Theren (4) of course picks up everything and is sure she found "a geocache" every time LOL. Got some low impact exercise in that way walking around finding treasures. But the back is holding up and I am feeling less and less pain. It would be glorious to get rid of it and feel normal again!

Food Log:


Breakfast: Holland pie, 14 almonds for fat

Lunch: Salmon cakes, romaine salad with OOM/dill relish tartar sauce.

Dinner: Paleo tacos with ground beef, black olives, romaine, and hot sauce

Snack: none

Exercise: ~1 mile walking or so.


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