Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 266 - Sunday April 13th

Info: Today was a USPSA match in Boulder. Crappy weather but they have an indoor range, so it was a small 3 stage match. Ended up 4th with a new gun I have never shot before in a competition. Not great, but not as bad as I thought I would do with a completely different set up! I kept forgetting to click the safety off on the draw, so it cost me a bunch of time, and since this is a limited gun you can put your magazines anywhere on your belt...I kept reaching to the wrong spot for reloads, which also cost me a crap load of time! That's why I tested it in this small match though! I think my XDM is mad at me now cause I shot another gun!

Today was also bulk cooking day and resupply day. Got chicken, pork, olive oil mayo and a Holland pie made for the coming week.

 My limited division gun - Tanfoglio Witness Elite Limited chambered in  .40 S&W 

Food Log:


Breakfast: Beef, broccoli, and almonds

Lunch: Paleo chicken tacos with lettuce and hot sauce

Dinner: Chicken taco salad with black olives, salsa and hot sauce

Snack: none

Exercise: none


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