Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 253 - Monday March 31st

Info: That olive burger was so good yesterday I did another version today, this time closer to the original with just green olives, but I added some Clausen pickles too!

And the back that felt better the other day? Yeah no go. Looking for an eStim machine, as that worked to fix it the last time. So if anyone has an Empi 300PV laying around, let me know I am looking to buy one!

Don't forget to enter to win $25 CASH, and a free book. Its simple and well, its free!  Click here to go to the entry page. All you have to do is guess my BF% and you could put some dough (gluten free of course) in your pocket! Contest has been extended (I don't think the BF test I got done was accurate, so I am going to get retested. So get your guesses in!)

Food Log:
2nd version, complete with paper plate!

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, broccoli,  organic apple chips and 2 TBS of almond butter.

Lunch: Taco salad with seasoned ground beef, black olives, OOM and hot sauce.


Dinner:  Double olive burger salad - with green olives Olive oil mayo, lettuce and mustard.

Snack: none

Exercise: Dryfire practice


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