Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 268 - Tuesday April 15th

Info: Did a paid group study tonight, so dinner was kind of on the fly, little bit of this and that. But the good news is I got paid to give my opinion on TV lol. Also prepped to make some mass salmon cakes tomorrow. I can't handle only making 8 of them, I am going to make a bunch!

Also my new family members are coming along nicely....Jalapenos and Habaneros!

Fresh spicy peppers on the horizon!

Food Log:


Breakfast: Paleo chicken tacos with lettuce and hot sauce, 2 TBS of almond butter for fat.

Lunch: Holland Pie - celery, yellow squash, black olives, and onion (and of course eggs and salsa)

Dinner: Holland pie and 2 slices of sugar free salami, kale chips

Snack: none

Exercise: none


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