Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 178 - Wednesday January 15th

Info: I am the first to admit that throughout my life I would find ways to work smarter not harder, and while that is a good plan 99% of the time, I have found that being healthy is that 1% where you want to work harder AND smarter. What does that mean? Well workouts.....I want to work harder, push myself and not use a machine to make myself feel better about the amount of weights I can move around. Think you are a bad ass in the gym? Try a CrossFit workout with body weight only, and when you are about to or already have barfed all over, ask yourself.....are those barbell curls really helping you all that much? Is your muscle functional or just aesthetic? If all you want is muscles that look good but don't work, by all means stop reading now, but I prefer muscles that look good AND work......hell of a concept there eh? And now to the smarter part....I cook in bulk, pre-package lunches etc. etc. so it's ready to go for me, I don't have the option of 'buying" lunch daily because I go in with the pre-conceived notion that my breakfast, lunch, dinner is already set for me. Not only does this fall under smarter, it also falls under "I eat a lot healthier than most everyone, its tastier than the garbage you are eating, and it cost about 50% less" Let that sink in for a minute.....healthier and it cost less? BULLSH*T you say? See my post coming up where I break it down in numbers for you all. It's possible, and I'm living it!

Food Log:

Hot Sauce Bath.......MANDATORY!
Breakfast: Salmon cakes with a large mixed green salad, Dill/onion OOM and hot sauce dressing.

Lunch: Salmon cakes with a large mixed green salad, Dill/onion OOM and hot sauce dressing.

Dinner: Salmon cakes with steamed cauliflower, hot sauce bath, and almonds for fat.

See a reoccurring theme here? These Salmon cakes are out of this world taste wise, and they are super portable, don't need to be reheated...etc I would eat them every day alllll day if I could!

Snack: none

Exercise Log: none


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