Thursday, October 24, 2013

DAY 94 - Wednesday October 24th

Today was a good day, I was a little low on energy because I ran out of veggies at work, and didn't have time to go get more until lunch. I could definitely feel an energy difference throughout the day because I missed them for breakfast. It may sound silly to some who are not on a Paleo or Whole30 type diet, but what you eat REALLY matters. Skip a meal and my energy goes in the toilet, and we all know toilets are NOT fun to be in LOL. Also got a bunch more bulk cooking done for the trip this weekend, can you say more Saw-sages????

Sawsages, and Sawsages - All sugar, gluten, added crap free!!

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Food Log: 


Breakfast: SF sausages, pears, 14 almonds (no veggie, ran out)

Lunch: SF sausages, asparagus, 14 almonds

Dinner: SF sausages patties (canino's sausage is awesome if you live in CO), Paleo slaw (made with OOM)

Snack: none

Exercise log: None


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