Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DAY 86 - Tuesday October 15th

Back seems to be getting slightly better with stretching so that is good news! Energy level is in the tank though, switched to an earlier schedule at work, and in typical Kris fashion didn't go to sleep on time, 4 hours of sleep isn't fun!

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Food Log: 

Sausages and broccoli, 14 almonds

Lunch: Smoked oysters, pork loin green beans, and almond butter for fat
Dinner: 1 Hamburger wrap (Coco wrap, mustard, burger, romaine) and 1 Taco wrap (coco wrap, hamburger, romaine, hot sauce) OOM for fat

Snack: Dried apple chips

Exercise log: No gym today, trying to let the back recover a bit, seems to be working. once of these days I will be able to go at the gym full blast...


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