Monday, October 14, 2013

DAY 85 - Monday October 14h

This back thing has got to go, as long as I'm straight up and down it's not horrible, the problem is I'm rarely just sitting there straight up and down. Every twist, bend, lean or turn feels like someone is jamming a knife in my back. Ahh I LOVE getting old! HAHAHA

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Food Log: 

Chorizo and egg lettuce wraps, dried apple chips

Lunch: Pork loin, with romaine salad, Castlevetrano olives, and 14 almonds.

Dinner: Pork loin, broccoli, mixed greens salad with carrots and celery, cayenne OOM mixed with Franks RedHot for the dressing.

Snack: Dried apple chips

Exercise log: Didn't make it to the gym as I had planned, back is really sore. I was able to get on the bike at home though and ride that for a while. Nice easy one to start out with, will increase intensity over the next few days.


1 comment:

  1. You're just a wee young thing! But I hope your back gets better. Back pain is no bueno!