Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DAY 79 - Tuesday October 8th

Info: Checked out a newly refurbished local buffet tonight....wait what? They serve prime rib, roasted chicken and steak so I was compliant.....but I probably ate way too much. Still was delicious and nice to know there is a place out there I can eat every once in a great while!

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Food Log: 

3 meat bean-less chili over the top of a SF sausage, some steak, romaine salad, grilled mushrooms, and hot sauce

Lunch: Pork loin chop, green beans covered in hot sauce, a few pear slices, and 14 almonds

Dinner: Prime rib thinly sliced, baked fish, sirloin steak, taco salad with carrots, mushrooms, black olives, egg, and doused in hot sauce. Way too much food but it was delicious!

Snack: none

Exercise log: T minus 6 days until I begin to work my A** off in the gym and at home!


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