Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day N39 - Tuesday September 9th

Info: Getting back in to the swing of things, got some bulk olive oil mayo made and a huge quart jar of zucchini butter made as well. Thawing a bunch of proteins as we speak to restock that too.Bulk cooking I have found is key to my success with Paleo eating. Such a time saver and a craving stopper when I have Paleo foods ready to eat and don't allow my mind to wander! I am starting a job tomorrow so I have to pack Paleo foods to take with me! This is likely just a temporary job as I continue the hunt, but it is money coming in so that's a plus LOL. Anyways glad to be back in the swing of things, I look forward to sharing with you all again!

I swear this is what my kitchen feels like as I try to get caught up on all my bulk cooking.
Food Log: Food log to return tomorrow.

Exercise:  Exercise log to return tomorrow


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