Monday, September 1, 2014

Day N18 - Thursday August 21st

Info: Finally got the Zucchini butter recipe all done, if you haven't seen it you can find it here: Zucchini Butter/Spread Recipe. If you give it a try let me know how you like it!

I put that s**t on everything!

Food Log:

Breakfast: 3 egg omelet with turkey breast, onion and yellow squash

Lunch: Steak with Brussels sprouts and yellow squash

Dinner:  Mushrooms stuffed with Zucchini butter and then grilled

Snack:  Frozen Black cherries

Exercise:  Light workout

Details: trying to get myself motivated so I did some presses, light weight deadlifts and some curls.

Results:  Felt good to do a little workout and get the blood flowing, even if it was just a short and not that intense workout.


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