Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 216 - Saturday February 22nd

Info: Sorry for the delays on the last few days all, My computer was having some issues of not wanting to turn on for some reason.....I took it out and blew the internals out with compressed air, and lo and behold it started working again! I think maybe I need to do that more than once every 6 months, I think a dust storm had left its remnants inside my computer!

Food Log:


It may look like Alpo, but it tastes like Heaven!
Breakfast: Holland Pie, 14 almonds for fat, Fruit leather (dried fruit)


Lunch:  Taco salad with seasoned ground beef, iceberg, black olives, salsa, hot sauce and OOM

Dinner: Mexican seasoned steak with cauliflower mashed faux-tatoes, pistachios for fat

Snack: none

Exercise Log: Finally recovering enough that I can work out again lol, now I just need to stick with it so I don't keep getting so sore!


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