Thursday, August 29, 2013

DAY 39 - Thursday August 29th

Info: Good day today again, all food went well, and I find myself easier to control the in between meals hunger if that makes sense. I used to get hungry way before lunch etc, but now it has kind of leveled out. I think that has to do with getting enough of all the right foods, well I don't think, I know!

Food Log:

Breakfast: SF salami, coconut wrap, and lettuce (salami rolls) handful of almonds

Lunch: Balsamic glazed chicken breast with balsamic sauteed mushrooms, handful of almonds

Dinner:Left over stir fry with balsamic chicken breast, handful of almonds and some frozen black cherries

Snack: none


Exercise log: back is definitely feeling better over the last few days, I am excited, can't wait to start some consecutive workouts and really get this ball rolling.


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