Monday, August 19, 2013

DAY 27

Info: Found out there was a bacon festival close to my house so had to go check it out. Also found out my wife knows the people that own the company that put the bacon festival on, double win! Organic, no GMO, no gluten bacon, and a local company? I'll take it. ( I need to see if they make non sugar bacon, as I never checked the ingredients)  The problem with all that is I ate a lot of bacon, and not much else. I decided this was going to be day 2 of my 5 out of the year that I would enjoy some food. Funny story, even though I invoked a cheat day, I didn't get crazy.......its almost like I'm' learning something here! I did chug 2 diet sodas, I was getting migraine type headache from no caffeine. (There was no iced tea available and I was desperate) The diets sodas fixed the issue, but also opened my eyes to the fact I was drinking waaaaay too much iced tea. So going forward not so much iced tea. In fact I have the same type of headache right now, but I need to suffer through it and get rid of some of the caffeine.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Almond butter, banana, 2 eggs handful of carrots

Lunch: Habanero bacon, Pork loin wrapped in bacon, dill pickle wrapped in bacon, maple bacon, carrots. (Yeah bad I know)

Dinner: Chicken thighs, vegetarian baked beans, sriracha sauce, 1 hamburger bun, cauliflower.

Snack: none

Exercise log: Walked around Central City Colorado ~ 2 miles or so, and 2 hours of high level hockey (this was brutal!) Got to play hockey again after about a month, and a bunch of skilled players showed up, was nice to play at a higher level again, I miss it....but boy was I rusty and did I get in a workout!


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