Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DAY 38 - Wednesday August 28th

Info: Another strong day with the food, seem to be gathering momentum now. Plus I found an outstanding recipe for balsamic glazed chicken breast with mushrooms. Tasted awesome and it took literally 10 minutes to cook it! I will be posting this one in the recipe side bar, so look for it there.

Food Log:

Breakfast: SF salami, coconut wrap, and lettuce (salami rolls) handful of almonds

Lunch: SF salami, coconut wrap, and lettuce (salami rolls), organic applesauce, and a handful of almonds

Dinner: Balsamic glazed chicken breast with balsamic sauteed mushrooms, handful of almonds

Snapped a photo of dinner right before it was inhaled
Snack: Hand full of dried apple chips


Exercise log: none


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