Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DAY 23 - Tuesday August 13th

Info: I know I had mentioned before that this seemed to be the easiest transition in to a Whole 30 for me, but the changes I am feeling and whats going on is just making it easier to stay focused. I am really picking up steam now, and seem to want to eat healthy all the time instead of "having" to. The support I am getting from here, and from my blog, and facebook is really outstanding. I am glad I bit the bullet and started writing this journal as well as sharing my before pictures. With others knowing what I look like under clothing, and seeing the true me is really driving me forward

Food Log:

Breakfast: chicken, green beans, black olives, and avocado dressing (yeah it was a toss together, but still compliant)

Lunch: chicken, romaine lettuce, avocado dressing, black olives (sandwich boats)

Dinner: Fajita chicken salad with some extra chicken, avocado, and habanero hot sauce

Snack: 1 scotch egg - made them and HAD to try one!

Exercise log: short walk after dinner


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