Thursday, August 22, 2013

DAY 32 - Thursday August 22nd

Info: Busy day today, more ammo tests = more practice, at least that's good. I leave tomorrow morning for the match, and just finished cooking a bunch of chicken breasts to take with me so that my eating doesn't stray. Going to buy some canned green beans, and take along my almond butter so in a pinch I have protein, fat and veggies with me at all times......look at that starting to plan ahead!!!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Salmon cakes x 3, romaine lettuce salad with olive oil and balsalmic, black olives, and some cantaloupe.

Lunch: chicken breast, romaine salad, guacamole and habanero salsa

Dinner: Ground beef, baby carrots, some banana, and a handful of pistachios

Snack: none

Exercise log: 2 hours on the range today, some holster practice, and then I did bicep curls and military presses. Once I get back from the match (likely monday) I am going to start a progressing workout plan.


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