Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Well started the Whole 360 today, so far so meh.....

DAY 1 - Monday July 22nd

Starting stats for reference: Weight: 225lbs, BF: 31%, Waist Circumference: 47" (At the belly button)

Slept right through my alarm to go to the gym, not a big deal I guess I can work out later,  but not the positive start I was wanting.

Eating well (haven't had a chance to want to cheat yet) Lean burger patty with a lot of approved hot sauce and green beans for breakfast LOL (I don't like a lot of breakfast foods)

The tought part for me is going to be not drinking soda, unfortunately I love the stuff.

Rest of the day went well, no cheating or anything of the sort!

The caffeine withdrawal headache is really getting annoying though, I know I can have tea and coffee (yuck on the coffee) but I'm trying to cut that back a bit as well.

Lunch: 2 gluten, preservative and sugar free sausages, and green beans

Dinner: 2 pickled eggs (you HAVE to try these), 2 of the same sausages I had for lunch, and broccoli

Day 1: Complete

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