Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DAY 6 - Saturday July 27th

Info: today was shooting comp day, which usually afterwards we go to the local tavern that is near the range and have a beer or 5 and shoot the breeze about the match, scores or whatever else is out there. Then we head next door to a place called the burger barn, and stuff ourselves with a 4 patty "challenge" burger and then try to not go comatose on the ride home. Today I knew that would be an issue, so I took pre-emptive action. I car pooled with a guy that I knew doesn't hang around after the matches, so I was forced to just go home. It was tough even when all the other guys were offering to buy beers etc etc, but I stuck to it and took the ride home with the guy I rode out with and all went well. Had to skip lunch because I overlooked that fact when I packed my range bag. I have to mention also I placed 7th overall out of 44th which is NOT good for me, so I will keep working to improve that too! (sorry for the sidetrack there, but it happens as you will see if you follow this blog for any amount of time....wait whats that? a shiny quarter?)

Food Log:

Breakfast: raw almonds and dried apricots (no additives)

Lunch: raw almonds and dried apricots

Dinner: Steak taco salad with lime/cilantro marinated steak, and black olives, with habanero salsa

Snack: frozen fruit (organic)

Exercise log: shooting competition - some sprinting, kneeling, and a LOT of walking around the range


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