Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DAY 10 - Wednesday July 31st

Info: Today I was a little better prepared (I'm learning yay!) I had breakfast muffins ready to go, so was able to eat a Whole30 meal! Love those muffins as they are portable and delicious (Muffins are: eggs, home cured bacon, and broccoli) The real challenge starts tomorrow, I have to fly out to MI for a few days, will have to make sure I am extra careful!

Food Log:

Breakfast: 3 Egg, bacon, broccoli muffins, 1TBS Almond butter

Lunch: huge romaine, chicken, peppers/onions, and guac salad, with no sugar salsa

Dinner: 3 egg muffins, side of extra broccoli, and 2 TBS of Almond butter

Snack: none

Exercise log: Chest, Bi's workout went light with higher reps to get started, don't want to be super sore all weekend!


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