Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DAY 7 - Sunday July 28th

Info: For some reason today I was wiped out! Took a good 2 or so hour nap, and still feel a bit sluggish. Food has all been good though, and the soda demons have stayed away from me. One thing I plan on doing, even though Whole30 says not to is hop on a scale. I will be weighing in and checking my stats most likely on mondays. I want to track that weekly to see how it fluctuates, so I am going to be bending that Whole30 rule. I am not one that will get discouraged if I lose 5 lbs one week and gain one another week. I have a vast knowledge of nutrition and weight training so I tend to not pay attention to that stuff, but I do definately want to track it this time around.

Food Log:

Breakfast: leftover marinated cilantro/lime steak with habanero salsa - not enough veggies but I wolfed it down before I ran out the door

Lunch: Taco salad with ground beef and homemade habanero salsa

Dinner: Ate dinner out tonight -but I kinda cheated (not on the program!)....we went to Sweet Tomatoes (or Soup Plantation in some states) so I was able to create my oen meal. Had a salad with romaine, iceberg, spinach, red cabbage, onion, mushrooms, black olives, eggs and oil and vinegar dressing. We love eating there because even though there are plenty of cheat options, it is very easy to stay compliant there as well.

Snack: frozen fruit (organic)

Exercise log: More shooting, tested a program we are developing for a new type of shooting competition, more sprinting and jogging, nothing too crazy though.


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