Monday, July 29, 2013

Ok, "It's Go Time" as we say where I work, so here are the lovely "before" pictures of myself.

Stats: Weight: 225lbs, BF: 31%, Waist Circumference: 47" (At the belly button)

So what is prompting me to show my beached whale-ness to the public masses?  The need to change. I used to be healthy and have a decent body, 15 years of laziness has gotten me where I am today, and I needed something drastic to change it. I offer these pictures as a means to motivate myself. What these pictures show is something I can no longer hide under a t-shirt or a jacket. With my shirt off I can no longer pretend that someone can't see what I have let myself become. I will be honest, it's hard to post these pictures for you all to see, but its working...... I am highly motivated and well on my way to a different body and lifestyle.

If you'd like please take the time to comment on anything I post in here, whether it is good bad or indifferent. If you find me a disgusting fat pig, let me know, if you find my results are inspiring let me know that too! This is what fuels my fire to change!

This is one of many posts on my transformation, but I had to start somewhere. The secret is out, and there is only one person that can do anything to change it, and that is myself!

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