Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DAY 9 - Tuesday July 30th

Info: Still high on motivation, I've never had a Whole30, 360 or whatever be this easy to slip in to, I am glad just wondering how bad the challeneges are going to be down the road if the start is being this kind to me!

Food Log:

Breakfast: ground beef and hot sauce - told you I was a horrible planner.......

Lunch: ground beef with organic green beans, and hot sauce

Dinner: bacon and broccoli. The bacon is home cured and has no sugar or garbage in it. Broccoli was organic. I was making bacon/broccoli/egg muffins and got tired of waiting and ate the leftovers lol

Snack: 2TBS of almond butter (Ingredients- Almonds...gotta love pure food!)

Exercise log: None


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