Friday, October 30, 2015

IW360 Day 15 - Thursday October 29th 

Info: Getting on a good roll now that 4am isn't such a shock. I just have this crazy hate for stationary cardio. if I am hiking or running on a trail, that's great, but the treadmill/bike/elliptical kills me. I am going to switch to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) next week so at least I am focused on not dying instead of clock watching which we all know just makes it worse. What do you all do for cardio? Leave me a comment and help me bust the "DeadTread"

Hahah this is so true!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, sausage, and hot sauce.

Lunch: Greek salad with onion, romaine, chicken, Greek olives and baba ganouj. All topped with Habanero salsa ( I know this has been the same for like 4 days in a row, what can I say, its easy to keep it simple once you find something you like and it's Paleo!

Dinner: Quest Pumpkin Pie bar (sugar and gluten free), and asparagus.

*Note on the Quest bars - technically they aren't Whole30 compliant, but since this isn't exactly a Whole30 I don't always adhere to that standard. This is one spot where I will make an exception, because Quest bars are some of the best protein/meal replacement bars out there. Gluten and Sugar free is close enough for my purposes!


45 mins on the elliptical. Let me tell you this is a lot like watching paint dry. I like it because I listen to some great podcasts, but I think next week I am going to go to interval training. it has been proven to be more effective and I only have to torture myself for half the time!

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