Sunday, October 25, 2015

IW360 Day 9 - Friday October 23rd

Info: So I need to have a little rant, sorry I know that's all we here nowadays but its important.

If your child is sick, other than a little cold or something please don't pretend you don't know or that "It's OK" to take them to school anyways. I understand there aren't too many people with morals in the world anymore, but just for this once have a little bit of consideration for others. Please? My youngest daughter started going to pre school...which we likely all already understand is a petri dish of bacteria....but now she has the bacterial version of pink eye. The lady at the front desk blew the other parents in.....yeah I'm looking at you, you knew and you still brought your kid to school. Trust me your child's (and my child's for that matter) health is way more important than going in to work and pawning your diseases off on others. Be a parent for Christs sake and take care of your children, if not for others at least for your poor child's sake. We didn't force you to have kids!

Sorry about that, I was raised in a family that you respected others and treated them well. It doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Evidence lately is the sick daughter i now have, the paint chip out of the side of my car that the lady rammed her car door in to (and didn't say anything)....I could keep going for pages and pages here but I'll spare you!

The Big Hoss as I like to call it!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Giant omelet - 5 eggs (free range, organic - I buy them from our post man!), 4 large mushrooms and 4oz of grass fed ground beef. All covered in salsa.

Lunch: Leftover chicken breast and Brussels sprouts.

Dinner: Kinda chicken wings - leftover chicken breasts chopped in to nuggets and then tossed in a sauce of grass fed ghee and Franks red hot. I also ate a honeycrisp apple that was almost the size of my head.....if you've met me you know thats a BIIIIG apple!


Sore again, like I want to die sore....that's what happens when you are lazy I guess though, I only have myself to blame. I still got up and did cardio, but missed a strength workout.

  • 45 minutes on the elliptical - Mountain climber setting -  I climbed 2.5 peaks today!



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