Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 340 - Thursday June 26th

Info:  Rollin, rollin, rollin - Gotta keep this train rollin! Getting real close to the end, and while I am not where I wanted to be in the gym due to some setBACKs (see what i did there?) I will take what i have, if it was easy we would all be doing this stuff right?

Since I love the Chive, may as well use another one of these.....

Food Log:

Breakfast: Bomelette V2 - this time it was 4 eggs , steak and onions

Lunch: Wasn't too hungry for lunch so I had an organic coconut water and some almond butter

Dinner: Large chicken salad with iceberg, and about a cup of celery and carrot sticks. Finished it off with 1 cup of organic frozen dark sweet cherries

Snack:  none

Exercise: Stretching and walking. Walking seems to help loosen things up, so I guess I should do it more!


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