Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 339 - Wednesday June 25th

Info:  Trying to make sure I get enough veggies and stuff in my meals, been skipping veggies and whole meals etc, want to try and limit that as much as possible so I can keep the machine fed so to speak!

I call this the "Bomelette" because it was a bomb omelette!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Bad ass omelette and I mean BAD ASS! 4 eggs, pulled pork and broccoli - so tasty!

Lunch: Pulled pork and broccoli drizzled with coconut aminos

Dinner: Mixture of pork and ground beef with Clausen pickles and hot sauce (like a hamburger scramble almost) pistachios and some organic apple chips

Snack:  none

Exercise: Did some strict form body weight squats and some no weight dead lift reps to test out the back. Few twinges here and there during the dead's, but nothing too terrible.


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