Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 328 - Saturday June 14th

Info: Hit the Front Range IDPA today, terrible mistakes- silly stuff that bogged me way down. Was at least fun though! Put a video with times in this post for you to see this new app I'm usuing to analyze my shooting. You can see and hear some of my better ones (I'll give you one hint, you weren't allowed to drop your magazine until your knee was on the ground....yeah i dropped it too soon, and I kneeled on a large rock..yeouch!)

Food Log:

Breakfast: Pork tenderloin and pineapple chunks

Lunch: SF sausage, and an apple

Dinner: meatsa pizza with a gluten free crust and dairy free cheese. The meat was good, the cheese meh
Snack:  none

Exercise: none


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