Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 314 - Saturday May 31st

Info: Today's the big day! Time for the Rocky Mountain 300! I have a division to defend as I won last year too! Shot good, made some mistakes but nothing that I don't think would ruin my chances.....at least I hope not! The motto for the match is "We'll melt your trigger finger!" and they mean it!!! After a few stages I had such bad forearm pump it felt like I just got done working out! No extra exercise today because we walked/ran over 6 miles on the range today! Check out the vid below....time to hit the gas! All the stages were named after Metallica songs this year (each year its a different band) The vid below is of stage 1 - Nothing else matters.

At the end I could barely pull the trigger! I had the fastest time in our squad on this stage, and I even made a few mistakes...going too slowly at first, bobbled a reload, over ran a stop point etc. Was happy with it though, and its A LOT OF FUN!!!!!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Was full from dinner the night before still but had an apple and some almonds

Lunch: Turkey salad with iceberg, onion, banana peppers, jalapenos, onions and deviled eggs made with free range organic eggs and olive oil mayo

Dinner:  Gluten free meatsa with sausage, peperomi, bacon, and chicken

Snack:  none

Exercise: 6 miles + on the range.


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