Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 336 - Sunday June 22nd

Info:  Hit up the Bay which is a mini water park near my house, kids love it and I like to go and take my shirt off and get my tan on.....or something like that LOL. Back is still tender but it is getting better. This "old" that people speak of sure does suck! I remember when a sore back was like "Rub some dirt on it and get back out there" Now its like "Oh geeze do I need amputation? Crutches? Surgery?" LOL damn.

Easier said than done.....

Food Log:

Breakfast: 6oz of seasoned ground beef and a handful of almonds

Lunch: Organic apple chips, carrot sticks and a handful of almonds

Dinner: Fajita type salad with chicken thigh and steak. of course it was covered with hot sauce!

Snack:  none

Exercise: none - back is still improving though, less soreness today!


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