Friday, July 25, 2014

Whole360 Results

I took a few days off, ate like a pig made myself feel sick and got that out of my system! Now I have a list of the results for you, at least everything I could track and have on hand. I recently had blood work done too and it came back nearly perfect. I didn't have blood work done before I started the Whole360, but I can almost guarantee it was not OK.

So here are the numbers that I measured and what I am at at the end of the Whole360:

Bodyfat Percentage:

Start: 36% (estimate off pictures) Now: 24% - loss of 12%


Start: 235.6lbs, Now: 190.3lbs - loss of 45.3lbs

The Reflection:

I am not ashamed of these numbers and the changes I have made. But I would have liked better results. I have no excuses for that and no one to blame but myself. A year ago when I started this I envisioned a solid 6 pack - not one just creeping out, more muscle tone and a little more weight loss. Yes I made some big changes but the exercise and activity level just wasn't where it should have been. Some of it was from back issues, I have battled those all the way through this, but a lot of it was just because I wasn't focused on fitness and activity. That is going to change!

Whats Next:
I am starting the Next360! Over the next year I am going to focus on what I missed over the first year - activity and fitness. This will be much like the Whole360 except I already have the habit of a great diet burned in so I don't need to focus on that as much. My focus will be daily activities, fitness, getting stronger and leaner! There will be a few different rules I am going to follow this time;

Whole360 Meal planning: - I am keeping with the Whole360 meal theme - but 2 with cheat MEALS allowed in a months time. So what does that mean? It means I can have a piece of cheese or an adult beverage during 2 occurrences per month. Notice I didn't say cheat days, but MEALS. I still want a firm handle on what I put in to my body, but I am going slightly less strict this time through!

Activity: - I pledge to be active daily for the next year. With 5 days of the week being dedicated to actual workouts. By workouts I mean a structured planned event (CrossFit, gym, sprints, etc). By daily activity I mean at least a decent walk of 2-3 miles if not more. Off days shouldn't mean sit on the couch and veg out, they just mean you are off from "rigorous" exercise. Exceptions being sick, injured so badly I can't move, or I'm dead. Other than those qualifying items I am not letting myself off the hook!

Stay tuned, the Next360 starts........NOW!!!

And as always here are a few pictures of what I looked like at the start of the Whole360 (far right) and what I look like today (left)

Front Shots

Rear shots

Side View

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