Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day N44- N68 - Saturday September 14th - Sunday September 28th

I finally got to here, and its glorious!

Info: Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while, school has turned in tot he demon that sucks my time. I am going to post a big update to get caught up and then attempt to get back to the regular, but I am not making any promises. I have so much to share with you...product reviews, new information I have been testing out, workouts...all kinds of stuff. Please keep checking back I will get around to it!

Food Log: 

Food has been good, 100% complaint with the Whole30 program, until today I had 2 bites of a waffle. Yeah I'm terrible haha! Staying on track with the Paleo eating Makes me feel great and I can definitely tell a difference in the way I look as well!


This has been a storm of activity as well. I started a strength and conditioning program on Monday Sept 21st and have been dedicated and motivated. Haven't missed a workout and have added substantial gains to my squat, deadlift, overhead press and bench press! Finally got in and got after it!


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